Today in the city Selawik 23.06.2018

Why Supermodel Pat Cleveland Is a Timeless Beauty Muse: Slick Buns, Glossy Red Lips, and More

In honor of the supermodel's birthday, a look back at the striking beauty that cemented her status as one of the fashion world's most beloved renegades.

Sony Developing Film Starring Korean-American Marvel Superhero Silk

Silk is reportedly on Sony's roster of films to develop next. The hero, who first appeared in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' will likely have her own spin-off film from Tom Holland's movie.

Spider-Man’s ‘Silk,’ a Korean-American Superhero, Gets Her Own Movie

A movie is in the works based on the Marvel comic “Silk,” which centers on Korean-American superheroine Cindy Moon. Sony Pictures and producer Amy Pascal are developing the film based on a...

President Trump said a murder victim looked like 'Tom Selleck, except better looking' at an immigration event

President Donald Trump held an event on Friday honoring people murdered by undocumented immigrants. The event was meant to emphasize crimes committed by undocumented immigrants, even though Trump supp...

US designer Spade mourned at hometown funeral

Friends and loved ones said goodbye Thursday to American fashion designer Kate Spade at a funeral in Kansas City, Missouri, birthplace of the 55-year-old who committed suicide two weeks ago. Spade wa...

Californians divided on whether, how to ... divide

The movement to slice up the state of California is reeling from internal clashes over what’s the best way to rearrange the state.

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